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I met a guy like seven months ago. Since day 1 i felt he liked me and i got afraid because it was not the best place to star a romance and he is younger (19) and i am 23. Days passed and i couldnt be open with him he felt kind of rejected i guess and star being mean and laugh about everything. We even got into a figth and after that things got better we hardly talked but he stop being a jerk. One day we stay with others and we talk a little i understood at one point that he was about to go and i said goobye but he told me he wasn't leaving. The he asked me Do you want me to go? I looked at him and said no. The next day he was all nice and charming but i was so scared of this and like i said im shy shy. Things were back to normal. I tried to be nice a couple times (not that i wasn't, im always polite and nervous around him) but one time out of nowhere he said: i dont want anyone rigth now (relationship)
a new guy came around and i made good friends with him. (Just that not even flirty friends) and he start being anoying at him and laughing at us. one day i had my shoe on my friends leg and a friend of mine and him told me he said: slut.
Does he hate me and the people around me
Is he like that because of the age?
does he even like me?

We haven't see eachother in like 4 months do you think he forget about me?


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  • No but I might give you an answer.

    • Okay give me an answer :p

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    • So he likes me? Or just because he knows i like him?

    • well i suppose if he's jealous

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  • The new kid is a tool, if you really like that guy, you should go for him. Whatever, that tool is yapping about shouldn't affect you in anyway, shape or form. Follow your heart.

    • It wasn't my friend the one who said that it was my crush

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    • Got a new job*

    • When you go see him again, act natural, be yourself. If you get to talk to him and he asks you about your personal life and you know that you might not be able to answer him back, just take a deep breath, count till 10 and answer the question. I used to be shy around girls, I couldn't simply find words for my feelings, but poetry helped me to reveal who I am. I still am shy here and there, but at least I'm trying to escape the shell that I'm in.

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  • he will forget you.

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