Why do I attract these type of guys?

Guy 1 wil introduce me to every guy at the gym. Even older men. He will show me off to them. He is not my boyfriend
Guy 2, I stopped talking to him. I don't think he took it that well. Later he got a girlfriend and he would put her in my face. He came to my moms wedding and walked away from his fiancé and wanted to walk me in the rain. It was barely raining. He said his fiancé and my mom told him to help me but I was there and they never did
guy 3 would always look at me at the gym but never approach me. He would work out near me constantly
guy 4 knew where I lived when I didn't even tell him and would drive by my house "for fun"


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  • haha those guys are weird,
    don't know, maybe you just notice those type of guys because they are so weird. or you just make yourself too available to weirdness.
    seems like normal guys aren't coming up to you because you give an unapproachable vibe, so you just have weird guys stalking you haha. (if they really stalk you call the police).
    guy 3 seems shy haha, give him a break. say hi to him once or something, that is if you want him to approach you.
    hmm but it seems like only 4 guys, so not too bad i guess haha.

    • Dude 3 haven't seen for a long time, but he literally did that for 1 year. Just constant staring and following me

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    • But why do I attract these guys

    • You're a girl... you are going to attract guys, weirdos and otherwise. The sooner you realize this the better. There is nothing you can do about this other than to stop showering and wearing clean clothes. One good way to get guys to leave you alone is to get a boyfriend (courtjester xD) or even just a friend who is a boy to keep them away for you.

  • Guy number three isn't that creepy. Guy number one is just an idiot. As for the rest, that's an experience I wouldn't like to have.

    • Especially the guy with the fiancé
      But then again he showed so much interest before he even had a girlfriend

  • Guy number 3 might be really shy... If not and he was just doing that... smh that would be weird. And how long has he been doing this?

    • Dude when I use to go to the gym he did it for a year
      Would follow me and shit and watch everything I did

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    • I dress normal
      Sometimes long dresses
      Sometimes jeans a shirt
      I'm pretty skinny

    • I don't know what to tell you, maybe your pretty so more guys, including the creepy douchebag ones, would want you than an average girl.

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  • Um.. you're not making it clear what "type" of guys they are.

    • Well by their actions I guess

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