Help me what do I do now? I give up?

Well my ex left me months ago 6 months now he had a girlfriend after we broke up and he started slowly showing care and so did I but I respected his relationship and then so I well a couple weeks ago a big prob happened my friend and ex he likes me to they fight a lot over me and well I cried in public my ex hugged me in anger saying it will be ok cuz my friend did something he basically yelled at my friend for that then he texted me all day worried (my ex) my ex was like done with his gf?
So he started talking to me more and hugging me and today I haven't seen him it's his last day senior and we'll I gave him a letter he sounded upset and looked upset by my friend asking (girl) how he feels and we should fix this but he sounded stressed and afraid he said he didn't know how he feels anymore about me


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  • With what? How about breath, that sounds about good for now.

    • My ex basically he was emotional the past months then he hugged me like wow yesterday and starring at me more today I only saw him once which is werid my friend started texting him giveing him talks I wrote a letter cuz I fell for him so... I wonder how he reacted after she talked to him how I was the past months but he starred giveing affection with hugs and he never texts me he texted me on Tuesday that's when he made me get emotional talking to him telling him how I feel and now I won't see him it was his last day so eh I gave up he's confuseing

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    • No my ex was a guy hah I updated it there's my ex my guy friend then my friend is a girl lol and we'll everytime my guy friend tried getting close like his feelings it's like my ex would be mad or something and do something so I can stay away I'm just unsure if my ex likes me or not the way he acts I updated it by the way :)

    • You all need to be just regular friends for now I think, just don't rush through anything. Oh and If I read anything wrong and that ex of yours has a girlfriend now, it's non of his business who you date. Also, if he has a girlfriend and still likes you, then he has no loyalty toward his girlfriend and you should stay clear away from your ex.

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  • How can I help you with anything, if I don't even know the story behind your troubles?

    • Well my ex ahhh he's been frustrating at first loveable he's left his girlfriend now he was affectional giveing me hugs u again today was his last day for seniors only I didn't see him all day my friend she texted him he said basically well she asked him do u still have feelings for her he said I don't know anymore to be honest I don't know I see her as a friend then why does he stare at me and said I was cute and adorable on the phone omg and I gave him the emotional letter today I won't see him again so I'm lost now

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    • Yea though no worry even though I she'd tears and depression for months he came back apolizeing I was just wow he said move on but then that's when he started calling me cute adorable and baby talking to me then bringing the past back I was what? anyways no worry... he's gone.. he's graduating it was his last day today

    • He was trying to either guilt trip you for the past or he was trying to make it up for the past in a cheezy way. Just let him go, personally, I don't think he is worth your time.

  • What is the problem?

    • I updated it so u can know

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  • What you should do is update your question so we know what you need help with.

    • I did :)

    • Your ex should probably stay out of your relationships with others.

    • I know though I did by acsident snap telling him how I feel about him cuz I suffered for the past months in depression when he left but kept giveing signs I don't know he always stared at me and looked like he wanted to talk to me but my friend always scared him with her glares plus my guy friend I know see him as a friend... I do have some feelings for him but I just can't. . even date now for what happened good thing I won't see him again