Interracial (AF+WM)?

I personally find AF+WM to be the best coupling ever. Asian females are beautiful, feminine and smart. They also take very good care of themselves. I have personally never seen an unhealthy Asian female before but I see tonnes of fat White females daily. I think this coupling also signals the beauty diversification of our society. It needs to happen more. What do you guys think? :D

beautiful diversification*


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  • Agreed. I'm white and I prefer black, Asian and latina women over white women. But Asian are my favourite! White women love abortion, divorce and are always going after sugar daddies so they can buy their butt implants and lip injections to look like black women since they don't need it as they are natural! Also the fact is white women are known to be more sluttier than Asian women.

    White women need to step up their game now 😂

    • Agreed. White women need to step up their game or accept they'll lose out to the far more attractive Asian women. I get along so well with Asian girls. It's unbelievable. They're so attentive, and everything.

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    • Ok little boy with a BIG ego. Being smart has nothing to do with maturity. You will learn soon enough...

    • Blablablabla. Admit you're bitter.

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  • Lmao, I totally agree. But let's get things straight: Please don't have that mindset. You're being a bit too stereotypical, don't you think? Also, kind of shallow...
    Moving on from that topic before I start lecturing you on how body-shaming people hurt our women in this generation, I like that interracial couple. As an Asian girl, it's safe to say that the majority of us like Asian guys back. But also, a good amount of Asian girls like white guys. Especially Asian girls here in America. But as a reminder, there are a whole lot of "Asians": Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filippino. Different kinds so don't be stereotypical.

    • You must live in a different part. A ton of Asian girls here say they'd never touch an Asian guy.

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    • How unfortunate. There are a ton of Asian girls where I live. I feel kinda lucky, haha! :D I am sure you'll find one though. We need to bring more Eurasian babies into the world.

  • Why is everybody here always ridiculing white girls? Like I can control my race.

    • If these comments had been made about black women there would of been uproar and shouts of "racist" but it's fine 😒 because it's being said about white woman

    • Ridiculing? We're merely speaking the truth.

  • Don't go by steriotypes!.. I find this kind of offensive

    • Truth tends to hurt ;)

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    • It'll change. Most WM+WF marriages end where as WM+AF tend to last a long time. Step aside white females :D

    • Just because AF+WM marriages apparently last longer does not mean they are happy marriages.

  • Black and Asian make the most beautiful offspring. 'Blasians' are hot.

    I'm not black, not Asian and not white either.


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  • A lot of Asian girls are pretty but also a lot of them are also ugly and they are known to be more materialistic and conservative. Yes they are nice and mostly loyal, but sometimes they can be hard to dealt with because they can be jelly :/
    Well personally I've only dated only one Asian girl, so I can't really say much haha, but yeah I agree with you. AFWM couples look cute haha.

    • Asian girls tend to be more fun too. They are so upbeat, cheery, filled with life and all. White girls are just so lifeless, boring and draining...

  • Meh I've seen better couples

  • No Asian female belong to me little white man...

    • Asian women do not belong to you. They make their own choices. Surprisingly enough, a lot of them choose White men as partners because they know deep down that it's the best coupling :D

    • lol ok fine

  • Thats fine but, Asian women aren't attractive...

  • I agree with you.