Guys, "great to see you happy" - meaning?

If you write a girl you are (were?) interested in - but haven't seen in a while - that it's "great to see her happy" after seeing some photos of her, what do you mean?

- Is it rather a "great to see you happy - without me"
- A sincere wish that doesn't exclude him from your life in the future... that he's happy to know you're good while he's not with you?
- something else?


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  • It just does what it says on the tin really. He's glad that you are doing well and are happy with your life.

    • hmm... so there's really no connotation wether you want to see her again or not?

    • Not particularly, it's a pretty neutral statement. If anything, i would say that he was glad that you've moved on well and are happy with where you are in life.

    • Ok, thanks. We were going out with each other and there was no "break up" or such but I haven't seen him in a pretty long time. This was the last he wrote me.

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  • it just means its great to see you happy

    • so it doesn't indicate at all wether you want to see her again or not?

What Girls Said 1

  • I would say the second one. But it's not necessarily going to be true for everyone all the time.

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