Why do guys do this?

Why do guys hurt girls and then act like they are sorry for doing it? And why don't you'll want to break up after doing it?


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  • It is a really great philosophical question! Men don't always know they've hurt you, and when they find out they do feel sorry! It's not like men are monsters, they're just a bit less sensitive and sometimes inattentive. Their brain works differently, if they get distracted they might hurt you and then not even remember how that happened.


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  • hurt? as in actual physical abuse? Thats breaking the fucking law, report his ass. Call the police or you'll be reminded of being a dumb bitch from the rest of society.

    • No as in emotionally. Don't be such a fucking asshole and call females bitchs.

    • i didn't. i said society will. because people dont understand why domestic abuse victims stay with their abusers

  • Hmm... I have seen many Gil's doing this but the stuff man act like this and girls is different that's it.
    So no need mention the gender just say humans


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  • I truly believe they have no idea whatsoever that they hurt us so deeply. Honestly, as humans in general we never know how much we hurt each other.