Does he cares about I'm still drink a lot because of my ex?

We're not in a relationship but we like each other. I just broke up and still drinking a lot because of my ex. He never makes any comments, but does he cares about it? I'm not sure if he cares coz he never makes any judgements lol Now we didn't talk, even didn't texts for 7 days, I don't know if this is a part of the reason. He knows I like him, I told him and he was very happy. What should I do now?

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  • Who cares about some man? You can always get another.

    I'm concerned about your DRINKING! Alcohol is a killer, slow or fast. It is associated with a whole host of maladies, even if you drink "socially." The country is full of people who are functional alcoholics that are not recognized as such by themselves, family or acquaintances because alcohol use is so accepted.

    Don't be fooled by the fact that alcohol is legal. If you drink more than a few a week, it depletes your health. If you binge drink (drunkenness for hours) it will kill you before your time.

    I doubt you will be thinking about this man in 5 years, but you might be thinking about your pancreas or your liver if they’re failing.

    Get HELP!

    • Thank u for help my dear, but where do you mean I should get for help? And that guy is already not seeing me, should I contact him? Or should I just move on? I really like him

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    • No telling but at this point I would let it rest. Abide by your own statement. Realize you lost something important, learn from you mistake and focus on yourself so you will be well when you meet another good man.

    • no but we didn't see each other for like 3 weeks and didn't talk for a week.. I was pretty angry he didn't contact me (I know I shouldn't), so I send him message like, "If u still wanna see me, then contact me after u come back from abroad, if weather is good I would still like to visit ur town, otherwise I don't care." He replied "ok no problem."

      I don't know if he would still wanna see me or contact me according to his message, and I don't wanna wait anymore, coz now I'm suffering everyday, and getting annoyed very easily

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  • You might see if you can go without drinking for a week. If he asks about it, tell him about it. If he is a decent man at all he will understand.

    • yeah he understands, that's why I thought he didn't care so I every time I ask him out is for drinking and then I got drunk and sad. Now he is already not seeing me, should I contact him? Or should I just move on? I really like him..

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    • I dont know if he wants to talk with me.. he didn't contact me for a week, do u think its reasonable in this situation? Do u think he still want to see me?

    • It never hurts to call. If you call and set something up, and he then rejects you, well, at least you KNOW once and for all. Go for it.

  • id contact him but honestly you should worry about your drinking and your health and not worry about what some guy thinks i am sure your a good person and maybe u should try another outlet instead of drinking


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  • You should stop drinking and cope with the fact ur ex broke up with u in a different way... And then move on and focus on other things. Good luck.

    • should I still contact that guy? I like him

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    • but what should I say? He knows that I like him and he's very happy, and he told me that he likes me too.. so I don't know what else should I tell..

    • This is where my advice stops.. I don't know what you could say... but if u guys are already friends ask him out for coffee or ice cream since its warm out

  • contact him.

    • But what should I say? Just pretend nothing happened?

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