Is he not interested anymore?

I started talking to a guy I met online, and we made plans to meet up over frozen yogurt last night. We're both really into fitness so we bonded over that. I enjoyed his company, and I thought he did too. We talked for about an hour before parting ways. Later that night, I texted him thanking him for the yogurt and that I hope we can do it again. He has not responded.

Before meeting, we were kinda making plans for kbbq as our second hang out.

Since he hasn't responded to my text, is it safe to say he isn't interested anymore?


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  • he's not interested.


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  • I wouldn't say yet, as it's only been like half a day. Yes, it's strange he hasn't texted back yet, but you've only met once, maybe he's just been busy all day. But yeah, if he never gets back with you I'd just write him off


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  • i would say give it a day... Just because he isn't responding right away doesn't mean he isn't interested but you also don't want to come off desperate... Give it a day maybe two if he doesn't respond... I'd say it's safe to say. Dating is so complicated...