What if he does not invite me in case?

I liek this guy and the end of this month it is his bday. I met him 2 months ago but only 2 weeks ago, we had our first date. We had dinner and afterwards we went to a park to talk for hours. He liked the way I was dressed and compliment me on the way I look, he liked it at the end of our date, we made out passionately, we hugged each other tight I told him the next day by text I had a good time and thanks very much (although he did not responded me to that comment i made to him).
Later in the weeks. He requested me for a photo of myself in offce clothes cause he wantd to see how do I look like in work clothes, I sent him the pic and he liked it again. We text occasionally not everyday though. At moments he is not very talkative.

He hinted indirectly over one text this week, he wanted a second date but this second time the tab goes on me.

The thing is I believe the second date could fit perfectly for his bday but i dont know how to approach him like saying for his bday I want to invite him. Also I dont know if he will have plans to celebrate it or if he celebrates his birthdays or not, that information I dont know. And in the case if he will celebrate it with firiends, will he invite me? What if he does not? Im afraid or have a feeling he won't mention me anything about having plans for his bday but he will have them but wotn mention me anything before it happens.
If he does something well I will like to get invited I mean we are not strangers anymore, we went on our first date I had a good tiem, we made out he seems he is attracted to me although he does not say but you know sometimes guys are strange. How to like mention him or ask him indirectly if he will do something and that I will like to get invited and dont forget me? This second possible date is a good chance to keep getting to know him better by interacting more with him in person rather that just mobile text which is not the same as the face to face interaction.


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  • Since his birthday is near, why not make a conversation about that particular week, that way you can find out a bit more about his plans. Simply, be tricky with the way you are wondering about his plans. After a while he might tell you about his plans, only then say that you have a happy birthday present for him...

    • How can I be tricky to find out if he will have plans or not?

    • Start talking about the date, asking when and what time and things like that, then soon after name the time of his birthday as your "free days"

  • if he doesn't invite u i'd assume he wants 2 know u better 1st

    • So what does not inviting me has anything to do that he wants to know me better?

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