Does anyone else wonder how nice guys remain (generally) sane?

I mean, by the shear number of people, men and women alike, telling them how worthless they are, that they're weak and pathetic, that they're even secretly horrible people... al because they try to be nice, especially to women... I wonder how they don't all snap and go insane. Honestly, it's funny, that we humans associate kindness with weakness, and, just like any other animal we hate weakness, so we hate kindness. Why, honestly, do humans pretend to be better than any other animal. We're just as primitive and instinctual, we're pretty much nothing but a bunch of arrogant apes. What worth, honestly, do humans have?


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  • I'm a nice guy (debatable) and I stay sane.

    • Most I know manage to, I just don't know how. Maybe it's because I'm already a bit unstable, but, as a black man I know the effects of being told you're worthless and weak, the psychological effects.

  • do you cut yourself?