Have you ever had an 'awkward use to like each other, and almost dated' relationship? If so what happened?


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  • Yeah. Ahah it's funny. I have possible autism, and this means that at times I take things very literally.

    So when I was 11, we were in this school trip and on the way back in the coach my crush said " would you go out with me?"
    And i said " huh wha? Where we can't go out now while the coach is going "
    I thought meant he wanted to go out of the coach so i was confused. He just went silent and said " I was joking."
    And I'm pretty sure it wasn't a joke and it took me years to actually understand what he was asking. ;-; oh well.


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  • Yes, and I'm glad we didn't date because he's a serial cheater, I don't know how his girlfriends can be so naive to the fact that he's constantly chatting up other girls. Even now he still tries to flirt and hang out with me, i've just seen his true colours, he hasn't changed and probably won't. Looking back, I always wondered why he never asked me out and I think its because after he knows that I know what he's up to and not falling for his tricks. Over all I thought he was a decent person, but don't respect what he does.

  • Never dated.

    Summer happened

    We moved on :p

    But that awkwardness didn't fade.
    If we see each other in the park, there is that shy knowing smile.