Does a guy who couldn't even talk to women before but can at least comfortably talk to them now have a chance of getting a girlfriend ever?

He still can't ask them out but he can at least talk to them comfortably now.

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He's very ugly too.


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  • Nope, In todays world you have to be 100% alpha, a beta chump or a dude that never gets girls. The Animel kingdom still exists within humanity.

  • Are you talking about yourself? If so, you would be doomed if you assume you're ugly. Confidence is key. Even if you've been bullied or whatever about your appearance, you have to pretend that you're awesome and you have to have a high self-esteem. You should practice on girls other than the one (s) you're interested in to see what lines or behaviors work, and what doesn't.

    • No but he is ugly.

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    • Ima grow up and be a billionaire so I can get 100pc chicken mcnuggets for the whole world. Then I would be worshipped as a god for wiping out hunger in Africa.

    • Yahh