What do I do to fix it?

So me and this girl had a date set up because a car crashed through the class we were going to take. I told her that i got a store credit because they have the class again and I told her "Maybe we can go next time" and she said "we should definitely go"

So after that I sent her a bunch of text messages to go out on another date and me forgetting to wait kept texting her more. So she said " I am busy and your being weird" I told her "I'm being not being weird and that she use to snapchat me all the time now she hardly talks to me. I don't expect you to talk to me all the time but a response would be nice. And I'm upset that we didn't get to hangout tonight"

An hour later I told her "I know I'm being weird I just enjoy hanging out with you and I look forward to the next time we hang out"

She hasn't responded yet but she is very honest so I would think that if she didn't wanna go out anymore she would tell me like she did once when she told me she didn't have time to date but then we ended up going on dates again.

So my question is do I say I am sorry for acting so weird for the past couple of weeks or should I just give her space until the next time I see the class scheduled and ask her to go on it?


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  • Yep, girls apparently love being unclear and shit especially with text, especially with text regarding dates. Trust me I've been through this with my crush.

    What I'd recommend is to stop texting her for about a week, unless she texts first. Then just ask her out again. Maybe call her, that might work better if she answers.
    Just apologize to her about it on the date IF it comes up, or if you feel like it.


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  • just give her space.


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  • Jesus christ

    text her you're sorry for blowing her phone up, you were stressed about something that happened in her and give her a few days to breathe

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