Should I give up now?

So I dated this guy and he was someone that brought me off my bad side when my ex broke up with me and brought the happy side of me out. I gave him a chance. Anyways we were dating about a month which was the best part and then after that is when we went downhill. We argued a lot and it would be either me or him that would start it. Well we got over it a little and then this past 2 weeks well he starting becoming distant n doesn't talk to me. I've tried everything I can to make things right. I've said sorry I've sent cute sorry messages I've tried to call him text him message him whatever it was I did it. He acts nonchalant though when he responds and when he responds it's really late. He stopped talking and messaging me all together on Wednesday. I tried not smothering him so I would basically or literally say goodnight or goodmorning. I didn't get anything. Todayyyyy I messaged him like before and he didn't respond and not to long ago I had asked my friend to message him and see if he would respond... Of course he did. This rlly pissed me off and upset me a lot. Why is he ignoring me? is he just done with me? Should I just keep trying? Or what could I do to just make things right? I rlly like him but don't know how to approach this kind of situation. Should I give up?

Okay an update now this morning I had asked him what was wrong... What am I doing to make him act like that and etc and he responds "restrictions and demanding"? Not sure why he says that? I don't demand for things at all. N I'm not sure about the restrictions either? But he just stopped talking to me after I asked him what does he mean by that?


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  • Honestly I think you should give up. He's made it pretty clear that he isn't interested in you anymore

    • I asked him this morning I kinda got it out of him. He says restrictions and demanding? I haven't demanded for anything and I'm not sure what he means by restrictions?

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