Women who admit to being a procrastinator on a first date: fact or fiction?

I have been on a date with this women whom I've had a hell of time getting on a first date with being a flake. I texted her to give me a day she's free after I met her and I patiently waited a week for her to ask me if I was going bar hopping and that we might see each other. I knew she wanted to see me after that text and I asked her again for a definite date to meet up. She said she was free after a certain day so I made a day and time and asked her if she was available. Two days before the date she asks me if we're still on and I said I'll pencil her in.

It was a positive date with her but things that red flagged my mind was that she admitted she was really bad at procrastinating, insecure about her gorgeous body and mostly is a homebody. She's a babe and we kissed passionately at the end of the date but now I've texted her out on a second date, I've heard nothing for two weeks. Called and left a voicemail asking when she's free and that I'd love to see her. Since then, it's been no contact from me and now it's her turn getting in contact and me dating other women.

My question, was her admitting to being a procrastinator on our first date an excuse for jerking me around before and after our first date? She never replies for days but texts her friends while driving away that night. She's quite cute so no reason not believe other dudes are dating her or an ex jumped back in.


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  • In that situation it sounds like she is just playing around. If I really liked a guy that wouldn't happen and I would always answer him. But I have to admit I am the biggest procrastinator in the world and a lot can go wrong from that. I can't call her a liar or anything, I never know. If it really bugs you, do something about it.

    • I agree, the on and off switch of her interest level indicates playing the field. When she gets bored or can't find better she gets in touch. I'll keep letting her come to me or just move on. I'm at ease with whatever way it goes. Thanks

    • Sure, any time. That's a nice way to go about it.

    • Thank you for mho 😄😄

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  • It is plausible

  • maybe a fact. procrastination is not a solution. i mean if she was interested in you than she would not made that excuse.

  • Everyone is different