What gets you mad about guys?

I just found out my boyfriend cheated on me with a slutty girl, so I'm just gonna list all of the things I hate about him here, just to get some stuff out of my system. Girls, if you have anything else to add, don't be afraid.

PS: Guys, don't hate on this question/rant. I'm pretty sure if you've ever been through a bad breakup, you've felt the same way I do.

1) He didn't talk during dinners with my parents.

2) He flirted with other girls behind my back.

3) He was obnoxious.

4) He was aggressive.

5) He argued with me about the dumbest things.

6) His voice was really deep and it bugged the hell out of me.

7) His hair was always in his face.

8) He hated PDA. Even hugs or kisses on the cheeks.

9) He ignored me when he was with his friends.

10) His room was always messy.

11) Whenever I was at his house, all he wanted to do was either watch football, or have sex.

12) It took him about an hour to reply to text messages.

There's some more, but I won't list them here. Sorry if this bugged you. I needed to get it out. Tell me some things you girls hate about guys.


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  • There are a lot of things about this one guy that I didn't like..

    like.. how he isn't really the nicest person in the world.

    how he doesn't really talk about his feelings. he keeps everything inside.

    how he doesn't say things straight up. instead he kinda talks in code. lol.

    how he's a ladies man... and there are a lot of other things..

    but I still love him so much :( and I miss him so much.. this pain would turn into pleasure if I knew he missed me too. but I don't know. so it's just pain. no pleasure.

    but you know, everyone has flaws.

    he has them. he's not perfect. but he's perfect in my eyes. even though he's far from it..


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  • With all those traits of his, it sounds like a plus for you (not that he cheated but that your no longer together) I'm sure you deserve a better guy than that. Just hope you don't think were all like this :D

    • Haha no, of course not. I might have been overexaggerating on a few, out of anger, but yeah, you get the idea of how he treated me. I shouldn't have been with him for so long, but I was, because I was scared of being alone.

    • I wouldn't worry so much about being alone, it can be quite peaceful once you get used to it.

  • All the boys I know aren't like Edward Cullen and that makes me very upset! lololololol

  • your young.


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  • Something I hate about guys? When they flirt with you for some time, then the next day, you're "just friends" and he's flirting with other girls.

    PS: I still can't believe that douchebag did that to you. We should egg his car.

  • Hunn, your young you can find a way better guy. Live your life you don't need a man right now.

    Be lucky you seen this side of him before you got too serious, My fiancé cheated on me and we dated for 5 years. So there are worst things that can happen.. So smile. =]

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