Is he completely heartless or do some guys not show emotion in messages?

The guy im seeing cancelled plans with me. Which is fine, but he's always so flaky and it's not fair on me and it leaves me feeling like an idiot. Like this is a guy who apparently likes me. This is how it went.
Me: I'm not interested in unreliable people, like I understand if you're busy, it's fine, but you always cancel or forget. I was looking forward to seeing you
him: if you think I'm unreliable and you're not interested then that's fine
me: lol you really don't care do you?
him: you said it not me


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  • He is either not into you or he is into playing stupid games. Would stay away either way.


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  • Sounds like he's just not that interested in you

  • He doesn't care about you. I would move on.


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  • Screw him😐😑😕

  • He honestly doesn't care, just ignore him and move on, if he doesn't hit you back then he didn't care from the start and you shouldn't waste your time but if after ignoring him, he kept calling you etc then he is an immature and childish piece of shit who does not deserve you anyways and try to hide in the "clueless and i dont care" persona to attract girls and its honestly so petty, you dont want to be with an ego maniac like himself either...

    • What kind of monster pretends to like someone for months
      How fucking hard is it to find a slutty girl to use instead of playing a good girl with feelings
      Ugh I feel like such a moron

    • There is no need to slut shame you know!

      Maybe he liked you at first and then changed his mind..
      But I know, guys are gross, I feel you, but you have to control your feelings, don't let all these romantic projections and high relationships expectations get into your head, you need to sit down and think how much this person is contributing in your life, if the positives outcome the negatives then you should definitely pursue them and if not, then you should stop yourself from developing more feelings towards them and try distancing yourself, it's only for your best and after some time (if you have enough strong will to ignore him) you will find yourself easily forgetting him.. It just takes some efforts at first and then it starts from there.

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