Got stood up, now I'm home and upset. What can I do to distract myself/get happy?

It's this guy I'm pretty much in love with and we've hung out a bunch of times. He said we'd go out tonight and when I asked him about what time etc he didn't reply.
He read it and it's been hours since then so there's no excuse other than he's a complete asshole.
I'm an attractive person or so I'm told, and I've always been honest and sweet to him, so now I feel like a massive idiot.
So now I'm sitting at home by myself, I've got a phone with a few unanswered messages and even though a jerk like that isn't good enough anyway, I feel completely worthless after being lied to by him.
I dont know what to do 😢


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  • Aw don't feel worthless :( it just says more about him than you trust me. Guys like that are cowards, players or just not ready for anything you are and take comfort in knowing that if he's showing his true colours now it's better know then when your years in and something like that happens. Call up a friend and hang out and put him in the move on pile
    I know it's hard especially when you like them and can picture how good it would be if it worked out but chances are it wouldn't have and that's okay :) you'll find someone better


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  • I wouldn't feel worthless... he is the one who is worthless. Don't let someone else define your value. You go back out there... get Pissed! Be angry. Be yourself. Stand on your own two feet and do not be anyone's doormat!

    • I feel like such an idiot
      It's been months and all of the promises and I miss you's when he was busy and plans for a trip together were all bullshit
      The f is wrong with some people. Like how hard is it to find a slutty careless girl who is fine with being used 😡

  • Just do anything


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  • Cry and let it out. Don't message anymore let him be the one to respond to you. And just take it a moment at a time. Hopefully there's good cause and he's honest with you...

  • Call your friends up and have a girls night, or just call all your friends and have a night!
    I'm sure you put in extra effort to look amazing so you should make sure as many people as you can find see how awesome you look.
    I feel your pain, I've been stood up before and it sucks, but you owe it to your outfit to go out!
    He is an ass! He stood you up and there's no excuse barring a death in the family or trip to the emergency room. You are awesome!

  • -watch "how to be positive" videos on youtube
    -do a high intensity workout or go to the park and just run as fast as you can. you don't have to run for ages, just get it all out - imagine you're running away from the problem.
    -eat dark chocolate
    -go out with a good girl friend.
    -netflix is your new best friend!