If you were kidnapped by a witch and dragged back to her candy cottage, what would you leave a trail of for someone to Hansel & Gretel your ass?

Would your SO know what the trail he/she needs to follow would be made of? Would you know what his/her trail would be made of?

  • Comic books, and metal albums
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  • Nailpolish, hairgel, that sort of thing (s)
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  • Star Trek paraphanalia
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  • Romantic comedies and chick flick dvds
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  • Little slivers of Jesus' cross, all arranged into a long series of smaller crosses
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  • Gym clothes, and dumbells
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Coffee granules. Anyone who knows me would know for a certainty that it was me. ��🍻��

    • Like, are you a coffee snob, and would they be able to tell from the frufru-ness of the grounds? Or would it be by the sheer *quantity* of grounds making up the trail?

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    • *immediately resorts to slap-fighting as soon as the sword is loosed from my hand*

    • Thanks for MHO ! :-) I liked this question ! :-)

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What Girls Said 5

  • I'd go for the nail polish just because I have a lot of them. I don't know if anyone would *recognize* them though XD

    • A trail's a trail, I guess 😜

  • My trail would consist of soccer balls, jewellery & food hahahhaha my SO should be able to tell its my trail ahhaa ! :)

    • Hahahahaha ain't no doubt about it, once I saw something even remotely close to that trail of yours I'd be on the road hunting that witches ass down >: You wouldn't want to be dressed like a witch or even look like one if you took my Zo... No spell, no flying broom, no magic, no nothing will keep me from hunting and finding her <3

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    • Aww ain't that a shame... TOO BAD! Collateral damage. NEXT!!! hahaha :")
      I'm serious though, mate, you take my Zo and I'll bring hell on your door step. haha >:|

    • Gya-ya-nyaaa!! 😈😊😈

  • Bodies from my freezer.

    • That's fucking metal 😈

  • I'd leave a trail of hairs.

    • You wouldn't be worried that someone might not see them?

    • I certainly would worry that.

    • Asker, my hairs are so long, they are really hard to miss. Beside, it'd mean I'd finally get to put those braids of hair I cut in good use.

  • Blood. But it won't be mine.


What Guys Said 1

  • GaG opinions because most people know I am on here a lot

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