What is the mean by "ok no problem"?

Wee didn't see each other for weeks so I'm pretty angry. We are not in a relationship but like each other and kinda dating. He is busy I can understand. He will go abroad for work for 2 weeks again from tomorrow. Just now I sent him a message like "Contact me after u come back, if weather is good I would still like to visit ur city, otherwise I don't care." He then replied "ok no problem". What does it mean? He means he will contact me or not?

  • he means he will contact u
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  • he means he won't contact u
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  • in that situation, after what u said... i wouldn't contact u. i'd just say "ok no problem" so u won't bother me.

    • did i say anything wrong?

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    • it means u wanting to see him depends soo much on the weather. if ure that interested u'll come regardless of what the weather is like

    • yeah that's why ur 18. Anyway if he reacts like u then I wouldn't like him anyway so

What Girls Said 1

  • It's a maybe I'll do it. Maybe I won't.

    • sure, ur answer is so helpful

    • What Cumere96 said is true. :P

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