I need some help for a date tonight?

So this boy and I have been talking for 2 months and we're going to the movies today we have talked on the phone and snap hated each other but we never hunged out in person.

What at should I wear?
How do I know he's going to kiss me?
Hold hands?
I never went on a date before 😐
i am 16


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  • First date to the movies is a bad idea

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    • Hopefully he's the money for such a thing, basically, I hope he has a job

    • Going to Mcd's is not very appropriate for a first date

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  • wear... wotever makes u feel COMFORTABLE yo 8)


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  • Wear something nice that fits your style.. Not overly revealing, not too dressy. A skater skirt with a nice top, maybe?

    If he's leaning towards you and looking in your eyes, he probably wants to kiss you. As for holding hands and kissing, it will come naturally, don't force it.