Should I call this guy and would it count as me making the first move?

I'll try and make it short. I met someone in a group of friends, we hung out but I wasn't really fun. I hadn't seen them for almost a year but I invited them to my party. I've had a huge crush on the guy in like forever. I once msged him and told him I missed him he was responsive and he was supposed to make plans but he didn't. At the party he was flirty, and when it came up he said I should've called him and I still should but honestly I think I've made it obvious and its his turn to show whether he is interested. As a reason he offered since he is a stoner it doesn't really come up in his mind that he should call me, and he had lost my number ( he switched phones I checked)
by the way, when everyone left ( he was the last) he texted me if I want him to come over to help clean up. he offered before leaving I told him no so he asked if I'm uncomfortable with his friends staying and cleaning he could just come back on his own. We hugged, we talked in flirty low voice, I touched his bicep, he kept punching me told me I should visit the gym more 😒
I don't understand if I'm friend zoned, if he is flirting, if he just wanted a one night thing since he realized I'm into him...


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  • I would say he is definitely into you. Don't let everyone's view on "one night stand men" (or women for that matter) ruin your whole outlook on the male population. There are still plenty of good men out there who aren't looking for one night stands and this guy, from what you said, sounds like he is interested in you.


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  • hahah nah... just playful!


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