Is this guy interested or not?

So I met this guy on tinder and we went out on a date. I had an amazing time and now I like him very much. He was very attracted to me through the internet and I'm uncertain if he feels the sameway after our date, though. He held my hand during the movieand ran his hand down my arm... I am confused. He wouldn't have done that if he wasn't attracted to me, right? But then we didn't hang out after, and he walked me to my car and gave me a hug. He knows I'ma shy girland he was really respectful. I never considered myself to be good looking but my confidence is a lot better nowand I don't see why aguy wouldn't be attracted to me, unless everyguy out there wants a Kim K or a Megan Fox. Anyway, I feel like I look better in myphotographs than i do in person but i can't help that. I reallywant to date this guy and hopefully become his girlfriend but if it doesn't happen, how do I handle rejection? What if I have the same problem with every guy? I want a guy that will need me and one that I can takecare of. If God didn't bless me with charm then why did he put such a desire in me to want a guy to love?


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  • Ask him on a date, that'll get you some insight into if he's into you or not.


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