I'm scared about my first time. Any advice?

I'm scared about my first time having sex. I don't know what to expect and I heard it hurts. Any advice?


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  • you should feel at ease with the person you choose to do it with. it should feel right, and you should be excited for it. do it when you think you're ready, not when you think you have to.
    it will be a little awkward and probably not what you expect. it shouldn't be terrible agonizing pain, but it will feel like a lot of pressure down there. it will feel a little odd at first, and you probably won't orgasm or really do much the first time hahah.
    just take it easy, and slow. try not to stress or tense up your body, it'll make it harder. just make sure it feels right and it should be fine! and PLEASE use protection. a condom might make it even easier to initiate it.

    • Is it strange in the relationship after having sex? Like does the relationship change?

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    • Thank you again! :)

    • no problem

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  • Make sure you're well protected and make sure you lose it to someone that matters to you and a not an asshole or a douchebag. Just take things slow and try to be as comfortable as you can be

  • basically tell yer guy 2 use protection i assume./...


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  • Go slow, use protection, make sure your comfortable, make sure the guy actually likes you

    • Does it hurt?

    • Yeah but it'll be so much better if its with somebody you care about

    • How does it hurt? Like is it lots of pressure?