Should I text to confirm the date? we didn't confirm plans?

So I've been seeing this guy for three dates. We went out on a first date on a Friday and it was amazing, we talked a lot and basicly had a lot of things in common. We saw each other on Sunday and we had brunch, we had sex and he slept over, I know it was a bit soon but well... we had a great time. That week his brother was in town so i didn't see him but he texted all week and we made plans for this week.

I saw him on Friday and he cooked for me and we saw a movie. It was nice. He slept over and he was very affectionate and nice. He kept talking about me having me to go to his new place and bla bla...

When he was leaving I said maybe we should get beers on Sunday. He said that it sounded like a cool plan and that we should.

So now, Sunday, 5:14 pm. Nothing. I don't want to text him because I suggested the beers and I don't want him to think i'm clingy or something. I know we didn't set up concrete plans. So should I text or not?
Although we haven't discuss it, this seems like a casual thing but I think there should be a minimun of respect in this things of a least saying that they are busy instead of radio silence, no?

Thanks guys!


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  • bascally u should... so u can re-arrange yer schedule if he cancels 8)

    • But I suggested the beers, so texting him wouldn't make me look clingy?

    • just 2 confirm it... no

    • So I texted him and he said he was trying to catch up on work. Not interested, I guess. On the other hand we didn't made concrete plans.. I don't know

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