Girls, How should I handle dating a girl on a rebound? Am I going about it in the right way?

I have known this girl for about two months, we went on a couple of dates, then she got back together with her ex that she had just broken up with. A few weeks later, she got back in touch with me, as things didn't work out with them, she wanted to take things slowly, but start dating again. I agreed, as I am cautious about rebounds. We've been on 8 more dates since then, all day long dates, and we text every day, if I don't initiate the texting one day, she will and we just discuss our day.
I know she hasn't wanted an exclusive relationship, and I want her to be over her ex before one were to start. She has also let me know that she has wanted to get to know more people before she decided to start a relationship.
Yesterday she was extremely upset over her break up, partially because he sent her a nasty text message. I texted back and forth with her for a few hours until she felt better, which put her into a good mood.
We have always been completely honest with each other, not beating around the bush, and today she told me she had a date this evening. I was honest with her, that I understood per previous conversations we have had, though it wasn't easy for me.
We did have a long session messaging each other about how we felt about each other, she told me she is still very interested in me, and really enjoys spending time together and talking with me. I told her that I have always wondered how she actually felt about me but was too afraid to ask, turns out she has been too scared to tell me, not wanting to run me off either.
I really care a lot about her, she has been exactly the type of lady I have been looking for, very hard to find, and to add to that, the best looking that I have ever dated, and a great person on the inside too. I would love for things to go further than just dating, and though I know we are still dating, as we plan on one or 2 more just this week, part of me is worried about losing out on my chance with her.

We had a date at her house, she supplied the steak, I cooked, brought candles and we watched a movie. We had a talk, turns out an ex from years ago had gotten divorced and asked for her back, she had mixed feelings about me. Today I went with her to go shopping for camping supplies, she told me she was not going back to him. There was talk about if we worked out, things we would do. She wants me to come out camping with her in a few days, there has been no more talk about dating others


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  • If she knew 100% she wanted to be with you she wouldn't be keeping her options open. She has her doubts but she doesn't want to lose you.

    • I'm certain you are right, we tried a relationship, was ok til she got a text from her ex, realized she wasn't over him. We split up, I left her alone for awhile. We've been getting back together to go out, staying together overnight many times. I don't bring up the past, just taking things as they come. Don't think it will turn back into a relationship.

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  • Hmm. It sounds like she is putting you on the back burner because she knows you'll always be there.

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