Confused, is he talking to somebody or whats the deal?

so we use to live a couple houses away from each other but we rarely talked but once college started we always talked or play beer pong at parties together right? he grew into becoming one of my best guy friends, even though I dated one of the best friends of my core guy friend group right? and we had a nasty break up but me and the guy who lived a couple houses away remained friends but when he moved we started hooking up more but me and his older brother always flirted and matched on tinder and snapped each other, but the brother I hook up with had a pact to never catch feelings but he didn't speak to me for like two days after finding out he's brother got my number. then his brother told me two weeks into texting that "his talking to somebody" but yet likes and comments other girls pictures right? and his brother that i hooked up with started texting me again and acting as if he was never mad? so i'm confsued... is he talking to somebody or whats the deal lol

so I don't know what to do? because i did catch feelings for the brother..


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  • Maybe he's just not interested

    • then why hit me all the time and tells me I'm gorgeous and wants to see me all the time.