My boyfriend won't open up! what do I do?

he says its just the way he is, dealing with this on his own not telling people how he feels but after a year and a half of dating its really gotten to me. I tell him absolutely everything, basically that goes on in my life and I get pretty much zip from him. I know he loves me and stuff but I don't know if this is going to be a deal breaker, I need communication to feel connected to my partner and its difficult to really feel a strong emotional bond when its so one way.


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  • i realy want to see what people say because I have the same problem.

    iv spoken to my friends and the one came up with this idea of having a communication book. iv just started righting a letter for the front so I can't say it works yet though she says its worked for her.

    so you both write in the book but do not bring up things that are in the book in general convo outside the book. he needs to feel that it can stay there as I think part of not communication in person is that they scared the can not control where it will go, and say something without thinking or how the other will react.

    in my cover letter I have stated that I do not want him to just tell me his problems. if he saw a rat in the shower he can tell me about it. there is no limitatons to what has to go in it.

    please add me as a friend so you can guide me if you find something that works.