How do I make him regret not treating me well?

He doesn't even realise it hey.
In my book, being unreliable with plans, acting careless and ignoring someone are not ok. It's especially not ok to try to justify things by saying you were busy when you had time to read a message, or flat out just pretending things didn't happen and messaging in a few days. Not ok.
Not to mention this is a guy I've been seeing for months and was going to sleep with for the first time.
Last night I needed help and he ignored me. He also ignored our plans.
I don't want to message him again and look psycho, but I want him to see that he doesn't deserve me and either turn his actions around or at least regret his actions.
Whats the best thing to do? Besides ignoring?


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  • What i would do. And it's what I've done too and it worked. I used to see my ex everywhere and he's always online and stuff I showed him what he was missing out on I posted pictures with other people. I rubbed being so happy and carefree in his face. Basically show him what he could have had

    • Normally I'd try to be the better person
      But with this guy, I like the way you think 😏
      Did it work/what was his reaction?

    • He changed his attitude and got his act together but at the start he was just in shock

  • Besides ignoring. Look hot. Dress up and pay more attention to other guys around him. Prove that he can be replaced. Don't ignore him but don't chase him either. In person you can say hi. But don't text or call or Skype or oovoo. Be too busy for him.

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