To text, or not to text?

This girl and I have had a thing for about 2 months now and as of late, I feel like her text messages have gotten a lot shorter. Most of the time I'm carrying the conversation and she isn't writing much in return.

Here's the kicker, I almost never text her first. She texts me first pretty much everytime and I generally end the conversation because I've run out of clever or witty or flirty things to say or reply to. I'm a bit of an over-thinker, but ladies, any insight on what might be going on during this situation would help put my brain to ease :)


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  • I'd think you are losing interest in me if you don't message me first and only reply a little to my long messages. But then you do write a lot compared to her... which is confusing. Maybe she's run out of clever and flirty things too? :P Does she sound kinda annoyed or talk frankly or complain about stuff usually? If so, she may look at you as a friend and relieve her stress through talking and not have developed feelings yet.

    • No, she always is interested in whatever I'm talking about. plus, she's one of the most positive and sweetest people I've met and I honestly think I've never heard her complain over text. It's just been the shorter messages and a little bit more distance between us.

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    • She told me she liked me about a month ago

    • Then you can let her know about it. No worries, she wouldn't mind!

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  • better text... she might believe u ignore her