Don't want to contact girl again?

I've been seeing this girl, we've gone on 4 dates so far, nothing exclusive. I'm not really feeling it, I told her at the end of the last date to text me the next time she wants to do something. I'm hoping she doesn't, but what should I do if she does? Should I just ignore her texts?


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  • Don't ignore her. That is rude, immature, and is disrespectful to her as a human being. Instead of telling her to text you, you should have articulated that while you have enjoyed her time, you are not feeling a strong connection on your part, and that you wish her well, and do not want to lead her on. Even if she's hurt by the rejection, she will RESPECT YOU because you treated her with respect, and acted like a gentlemen: you communicated with her and told her your truth instead of hiding behind false hope.

    Do not ignore her texts. Be an adult, and tell her kindly how you're feeling. In person is what I most recommend. Maybe you're grabbing coffee then go your separate ways. Or tell her over the phone. NOT text.

    And in the future, try and communicate more readily what's coming up for you.

    • Bit of an awkward way to end a date, "I had a great time! Oh... by the way I don't want to see you anymore". The other issue is that she lives half an hour away from me, I understand it's better in person but I don't really want to go all the way out there to do that.

    • I would go over there with errands in mind, intend to grab coffee but not stay long, tell her you can't stay long, and then share your thoughts. But if you can't trouble yourself to drive 30 minutes, then give her a phone call.

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  • Ignoring could confuse her, so if she texts, just tell the truth... but is she doesn't feel it, she won't contact you either.


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  • hmmm... wot if she insists more n more if u ignore her?