What do I do if I like a girl who lives far?

So I've liked this girl for three years now, I keeped my liking to ger a secret from everyone until one day a told someone and they became an ass and told her. I didn't get to talk to her after graduation (middle school), but later on after a few months and we talked once in a while and found out she moved back a few cities away (closer than where she moved before) after a year in freshmen year of highschool, then after she gave me her number when we turn into sophomores, she talked from morning till night till one day she just stopped replying, everything was going fine but it's been months and almost a year since, so I don't know what to do? Would that mean she's very busy since this isn't the first time this happened between us so please any advice? P. s I don't know if she even knows if i still like her or not or if she actually knew at all


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  • you could ask, she what she knows, ask her whats going on with her


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