Did her friend convince her?

So I showed interest in this girl and she gave me mixed signals (although we went on one date). Eventually she told her friends (we have mutual friends) that she only wants to be friends with me. I found out and decided to walk away and cut off contact. Her friends told her that it'll be her loss and that he's a great guy. She noticed my disappearance and now she's coming back to me slowly by saying that she misses us hanging out and liked us talking. I said we should hang out in the summer and get to know each other more and she agreed. But that's it for now.

thoughts on why she's suddenly coming back? (I distanced myself for about a month and a half)


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  • if she's coming back, especially after u distanced yourself, then she definitely wants something with u. Whether her friends conviced her or not it's irrelevant. Perhaps she cut it off seeing if she would miss u, and she certainly did, heck she told you! Go for it man! If she's going slowly and you want it to go faster perhaps the ball's on your court for the next step

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