How can I get my mind off of her?

So I talked to this girl last summer (mainly to just hookup) so over the course of time she liked me but I guess she expected me to ask her out so we talked forever. In the end I unintentionally fell for her but she had started talking to another guy because I waited too long. Turns out were going to be working at the same place this summer where we first met. I've been starting to think about her again and maybe even trying to go after her but she has a boyfriend now. I dont know why I care but I do and I know seeing her is gonna bother me, but I really want this job because all my friends work there, I have no idea whats gonna happen. Honestly I really do believe I still love her, I dont know why but I just never got over her. What should I do? Post comments and advice if you can

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  • Don't make any complications between her and he current boyfriend. Talk to her if she ever though about that day. Talking is always good. Don't do something you will regret.


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  • Dude go after her, she could be unhappy with the dude she is with

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