How Should I Feel?

I just started talking to this guy, well we talked but didn't TALK TALK. He wanted to know about the people that I have had sex with but I'm. A virgin
I guess that didn't make him happy
When I told him I only kissed like two people he got mad at me.
What should I do. Like should I still talk to him or just leave him alone if he can't like me for who I am


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  • He was looking for a slut and did not find one in you. Buy yourself a lolly pop and be thankful that this piece of trash will move on to the next one.


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  • Feel however you want. I usually use my hands.

  • how should i feel? we can't tell u how to feel thats for u to decide..

    • No need for assholes

    • sorry if it came across that way... i meant it doesn't make sense for us to tell you how you "should" feel... this is just a site for advice on what to do and how to do it... i didn't mean it in the way u read it...

    • Okay,,,,

  • wow get away from that guy unless you want him to penetrate your vjj


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  • Leave his ass right there. he is a dick. most men don't like deal with virgins, thy think might be too clingy and all that.
    try find somebody who will be okay with you being a virgin and nut be mad at you for it.

    don't let this man pressure you so might think you are dumb for waiting. and why will he bring that up that's a clear sign.

  • Usually guy will be happy if found a virgin girl.. and he can be the first who take your virginity..

    what's is your relationship with him?

    i think he doesn't want take your virginity, that's why he mad

    • Not really a relationship, we just talk but he told me before he just wanted sex but I thought it was a joke

    • Don't think it's joke..
      Guy always go to sex one..
      most of the time..

    • Htold me he was DTF, I'm so not ready for sex