Initial attraction matters most. Why is this denied so much? Here's the proof?

Maybe in some super extremely rare circumstance, it doesn't matter most, but 9 1/2 times out of 10 it does matter most.

For example . Let's say you're out on a night on the town and you pass by a nightclub and there's a sign promoting a dancing contest with 10 grand going to the winner. You get excited because you know that you are a incredible dancer and you have a very good chance of winning. You go to the door to gain entrance, and to your surprise the doorman asks you for the "code word". You ask what code word and he points to the sign you previously saw and you look down at it and in small but readable print it reads "Must know code word". The doorman then explains that the nightclub owners had promoted it on the radio and even gave people a hotline number in order to obtain the code word prior to the event and now the hotline is shutdown so you can't call for it. You try to show him some moves, and he admits that you can dance, but he can't let you in without the code word. He also goes on to tell you that the certain time that people had to be at the nightclub has now came, so therefore no one else is getting in anyway.

What i'm saying is that no matter how great a guy might be, if a woman isn't initially attracted to him, his personality won't matter (unless he has money and she's a golddigger or just one of the extremely super super rare times where a guy lucks up and finds the super rare woman that doesn't care about looks) and its initial attraction that gets you through the door. I would say the same thing for women too, but since most women don't approach guys anyways they are mainly the gatekeepers of a guy getting a date and a guy getting rejected. Thoughts?

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  • Chemistry is definitely important but I don't think it's the most important thing. I think feelings of attraction can grow as you spend time around people. Whrn I first met my husband I was actually a little afraid of him. And not in the good "bad boy" way. I also think people fall in love with friends when they weren't planning to.
    But yes, most of the time chemistry is very crucial!

    • What do you mean by afraid?

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    • Scary like how?

    • It's hard to explain. He didn't speak much and had very hard eyes and a cold personality. I ddidn't want to go on our first date but I felt really cornered into it. I don't really want to go into it more. Sorry

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  • pretty much. there are guys that i will give chances to off initial attraction, and guys that i would never date because i dont find them attractive. its not a negative thing though, its human nature. there are also women that guys will never approach because they aren't initially attracted to them either

  • Initial attraction is a must. Weather it be from looks, words (text), body language.

  • Interesting comparison, but I would say I'm not like that. Guess I'm extremely rare and my ex (was) super lucky... what a jerk lol

  • I agree with the attraction part.
    Once I am attracted to someone by looks, then I look at his personality.

    If he doesn't carry a good personality, I lost that attraction.


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