Guys, would you view this as a date?

I recently got up the courage to ask the guy I like if he wanted to go to a game with me the following night. He responded with "Definitely!" right away and asked for details, and he originally said he'd meet me there. I followed up saying that it might be easier to make the ~40 minute drive together, and he agreed.

The following day, he texted to make sure our plans were still set and later called me to clarify our driving plans (he had a prior engagement that meant he would already be ~half way to the game, but instead of meeting there, he instead asked if he could just drive straight to my house and hang out there if we wanted to kill time instead of driving back to his house and then to mine). When the time came, he picked me up and we got some easy drive through food for the game. I had vouchers to get most of our meals for free, so he only paid for like $2 of mine, but when I offered to pay him back even that, he said it was fine. We drove to the game, and it was overall a really good experience. We asked each other a lot of questions, had fun and easy conversation, made a lot of jokes, sang along to songs on the radio. At the end of the night when he dropped me off at my house, he said he had a great time, but we didn't really make any future plans or anything.

So guys, what do you think? I thought that driving together and him going somewhat out of his way to pick me up was a good sign, but I don't want to make wrong assumptions. I was going to wait to see if he asked me out in a few days.

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  • That was definitely a date.

    • Thanks so much for the feedback! What makes you think it definitely was? I'm not super experienced with all this so it's hard for me to tell what's platonic or not hahaha

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    • That doesn't prove anything. People plan things out all the time, even days with friends. Neither the asker nor the subject of her question ever even said the word "date", so he only saw it as hanging out. It's not a date until both people agree that it is a date.

    • @Xelebrum people don't need to specifically say date. And planning out a date the way she described was more than most people would do with their friends.
      People of different cultures don't even use the word date or depending on how that guy was raised he might not believe in dates at all. I was raised in a Swedish household and we never go on dates at all. So I have never asked a woman specifically on a "date".

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  • Dear, why labeling it? You both had fun, enjoyed a nice time together and this is what matters, isn't it? If it was a date or just a hang out or anything, this will not change this simple fact. Happiness is in the small things that make us smile together.

    The best relationships usually start just like this: being friends and enjoying each other.

    Good luck :)

  • No. It's not a date until you both agree that it's a date. You never even brought up the word "date", so he only saw it as hanging out.

  • You don't know what a date is. You were on a date.

    • Thanks for the feedback & I can honestly say I don't really have experience with the dating scene, so that's why I was looking for advice LOL

  • If nothing physical happened, it wasn't a date

    • That's both a stupid and false "rule".

    • Just sayin', I mean, guys and girls hang out all the time, as friends, right? If nothing physical is happening, it's not a date. Doesn't have to be sex on the first date, but, at least holding of the hands or something, ya know?

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  • I'd consider it a date.

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