Who would you date/befriend?

who would you like to date, befriend, ummm.. laugh at? whatever you want out of these 3?

1. she is 165cm, kind of tan skin, good at singing, very responsible and a good student. likes wearing t-shirts and jeans with sneakers and loves listening to pop music. she likes to act cute but is awkward at doing it, is ok with sports, and gets scared easily. has big boobs and a nice butt, kind of in the bigger side. loves parties and being with friends, she is ok by herself at a party.

2. she is the tallest being 168cm, medium skin, good at singing, she is very fast at understanding and noticing stuff, likes wearing shorts and skirts, loooves pop music and animals, although she is scared of most of them, very good at sports and acting cute is natural for her, gets scared but not too much, and also gets angry easily but also knows how to forget easily! she is slim yet curvy? likes parties, not too much and loves hanging out with her friends. not so good at school.

3. shortest being 160cm, fair skin, tone deaf, very dense or slow, likes wearing long or very big sweaters or t-shirts with high-healed shoes (boots), likes to play with animals like insects and reptiles, doesn't get scared easily, likes anime and manga, she is petite compared to the other two. is very scared of parties and loves her friends so she sticks to them always. good at school but doesn't like studying, is bad at sports. likes drawing and can be childish.

who would be your least favourite?


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  • Favorite to least favorite:
    2. I had the biggest crush on girl 2. (A girl much like her). I think we'd get along really well.
    1. Sounds cool, not too different from girl 2
    3 (I just feel like we dont have much in common, and wouldn't really it it off). She sounds like a sweet girl

    • haha If I was a guy I would choose that order to!

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    • not really~haha I used personality traits of people that are close to me!

    • Cool! Its a cool question! :)

  • Most of the time it is different from person to person but i'd date number 3 :)

    • I guess so! but your answer is still kind of surprising to me -.-

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