Help, what do I do? I like a girl and I think she likes me, she asked me out several times and I didn't ask her out. So does she like me?

So, i met this girl two years ago when i joined the school.
I met her when we were going on a bus trip and me and my other friend agreed to sit together while traveling and he already sat with his friend so i was left with no seats.
I checked for other free seats and the closest was with that girl from the title. When we talked she seemed impressive to me because we liked the same things. Now after a year i quit training my previous sport and started training sharpshooting which she had recommended to me. We talked and had fun several times after training and she eventually asked me out to go to 1st of may party. I felt embarrassed because i thought i was the one who should take the first step, but i accepted and we had fun, then she asked me to go watch avengers 2 with her, and now (few days ago) she asked me to go with her to a fun fair (ferris wheels etc.) which is on Saturday and today is Monday. So help please what should i do, after Saturday ask her out? Thank you if you read so far


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  • Yes, ask her out after the date :) She likes you!


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