I've been with this man for four years now and his never introduced me to his family. Is he ever going to do it or am I just wasting my time?


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  • I don't know all of your situation at hand here, dear, however with what you are saying here, dear, it sounds like for 'Four years now' and still counting on, he doesn't want to share some of his life with you, meaning his family, because this would mean he may feel then he would be Committed wholeheartedly, and he isn't ready nor raring to do it at this time.
    It could all change of course, however, you may need to to give things a push to test him and your relationship. Tell him you want to meet the parents, it's time they knew you, or you may be testing the waters elsewhere... Life is too short.
    Good luck. xx

    • I just read above what you had answered someone and with this now, that's cool with me then. xx

    • thanks a mill... hopefully things will turn out well. Ill push it but there is only a little i can do

    • Thank you for allowing me to lend a helping hand with this man.. and I guess I spoke soon enough of the 'Test' which I see he passed below when you had mentioned that he was cool with you and mom talking... this is a good start, maybe more in store will happen. xxoo

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  • Ever heard "she's a freak super she's super freaky..., the type of girl you don't bring home to mother" he might not see you at as family material. Sorry

    • Funny thing is His mom got a hold of my numbers and stated contacting me a few weeks back and i told him about it. He said its cool that me and her talking so ill stop bugging him about him taking me home to meet them

  • WTF 4 years?

    • Yes, four full years. And in December we will be entering the five year mark

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    • Don't accept the 'soon' , get him to say a date, DATE
      it sounds like he's been saying 'soon' for years

    • Yep he has been saying that a lot. I'll ask him for a date... and not just soon. thanks

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  • Did you introduce him with your family?
    And anyhow, if you're with someone for 4 years you really should be comfortable talking about these thing openly.
    Just you can jokingly ask him when does he plan on introducing you with his family.

    • Yes he has been introduced to my family and i've asked him when will he introduce me to his family and he said he will do that in the right time. I then asked when is the right time and he said soon. So i'm stuck with this man and i don't know what to do... and I might be Pregnant.

  • Does his family live out of state or something?

    • No, His mom works 100km from where we stay and his home town is about 300km from us.

    • What the heck. You guys could make a day trip out if it. I would be asking serious questions.

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