Ugly duckling syndrome stories?

- Did coming through it improve your dating life?
- Did people who previously weren't interested in you or were mean to you interested now your hot stuff
- How did it improve your self image
- What advice would you give to others coming through or just out of the ugly duckling stage?


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  • I wasn't very desired when I was in my teens but then I lost a lot of weight and a lot of people who wouldn't give me the time of day suddenly wanted to talk to me, hang out etc. I wouldn't give them any of my time - I don't need shallow asshats in my life.

    I improved my self image by stopping caring what people think of me. I decided one day that was enough, if you don't like me that's your problem.

    Advice would be to not let it change who you are, don't let fair weather friends replace your real ones and don't turn into a shallow prick just because you feel better about yourself.


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  • I was an ugly duckling , no one was interested in me, which obvisously did not help improve my self-image. I was always so greatful to a man when he showed interest, that I forgave them for treating me badly.
    I can't really say which factors helped me to get out of it, but definitely losing weight, doing sports successfully, graduating from university, having a decent job helped to improve my self-esteem. I started focusing on myself, doing what makes myself happy and not on pleasing others. So suddenly I hear so many people telling me how hot I am. I think it comes with age... I didn't feel like that before my mid-twenties. What I can say looking back: you are there for yourself, don't give yourself up just to please people who don't deserve it.

  • - As a teen I wasn't focussed on dating. No one really was back in the day. (Funny how that has changed so much for so many teens these days.) So I can't say it has changed.
    - yes
    - I had a strong selfimage regardless of being less attractive when I was a teen.
    - There's not much advice I can give.


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  • Well... some of the ugliest girls from my high school class showed up at our 20th reunion. Most of them are downright hot now. Some of the prettiest from high school were fat dogs now...

  • Such a syndrome doesn't exist, but it seems like you've come up with another decent string theory based on people's mentality towards their looks.

    It shouldn't be named Ugly duckling syndrome though.