Girl that is hard to read?

I've been seeing this amazing girl for about a month, and we've gone on five dates. She's an extremely private person, as well as slightly shy and introverted. It takes her a while to open up to people. She never initiates anything, and I get the sense that she needs her space. But she lets me hold her hand as we are walking around. I also have kissed her and made out with her a couple of times. Even though she's receptive to these advances, she never actually verbally says she likes me or lets the conversation head in that direction. She's seems pretty happy every time I text her or ask her out, so am I supposed to just read between the lines and assume she's interested? Usually at this point, most girls would be all over me if they were interested. They'd be constantly touching me and texting me all of the time, so this is definitely new to me. I think this girl prefers things to develop naturally, so should I just go with the flow (and assume she likes me) or ask her directly about it?


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  • She likes you, otherswise why would she be making out with you, its still early days you don't wanna scare her away by being to forward just enjoy the whole dating experience before you get a concrete boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, let things develop naturally


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  • She's waiting for you to start saying you like her and initiate. You'll have to initiate a lot with this chick before she opens up. Going with the flow will get you nowhere.

    • agreed. But go a little with the flow, she obviously doesn't want to go too fast, but do initiate things with her cause she apparently won't and is still receptive to it

    • Well she doesn't want to suck you of right now, but you should be trying to get there all the time.
      What fucking flow?

  • Assume she likes you. Her actions tell you so.