2-3 months in, open her up emotionally and socially?

So I've been seeing this girl bit over 2months, I have a business/job and know what my next big moves are but she is still discovering what she wants to do for studies/future. She is living here with a family for a year (soon over, summer) then undecided if she goes back, takes another year etc.

Thing is we haven't had any extremely serious or unending conversations as I feel I should, with all the previous girls I have dated we would have deep but also such never-ending chats, conversations that it felt amazing to be able to see her. I understand girls are different and she isn't very techie (barely call or text maybe 1-2x a week), no chatting, just setting up places to meet with friends or just us and take it from there.

However, I know she is scared and worried that she might be around for much longer, I am ok with that, if it goes to long-distance (both in Europe so not that long) that is still ok with me and I don't want that to be her fearful reason of not officially establishing what we are. We seem to definitely be well past dating and on the way to DTR as a couple but I am being so understanding she even mentioned that in a positive way that how can I be this calm about it.

But, I am scared because we don't use the regular social channels or even in person, to talk so much about her feelings, thoughts that it may just end up being physical chemistry that will keep us together and I want her to feel comfortable, I had this in the past relationship where my life had to be the 100% interesting part of the relationship so it was just boring, that girl didn't offer much.

I am a very social person, I have a creative job and know pretty much everyone at every party/social event and I have the calm but arrogant attitude of always having a story running so talking about that is easy with others, which is maybe why flirting comes easy to me but I want to be able to just listen to her, go on and on, and be the quiet on

be the quiet one* for a change.

Making out, cuddling, sex or simply hanging out it's truly precious but not having my own flat atm or us just sitting down watching movies/fast food together etc seem like the perfect solution, a couch and close contact can lead to good conversation but that aside, any other advice?


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  • is she a shy person in general?

    • She is different to her other friends, generally a little closed, most things and dates I have always been the one initiating, recently she is trying once or so but it's just I have to play guess work is she going to follow through or not, on the other hand I know my schedule or when i'll get back to her and let her know.

      She definitely isn't the shyest person I know because when we party or are drinking, she is very open, dancing around, silly jokes, good positive vibe etc, we are comfortable being in each others arms with all of our friends around, some people are shy with their crushes or s/o's to show public affection etc.. that seems quite natural to us