How do I get a girl that goes to a different school than me?

hey guys (non gender specific) umm im 14 and confused. I go to a church and these past weeks i have began noticing her, but this is were the 5 problems arise, i go to a different school (high level grammar school), i am a major introvert (i have no self confidence), i am emotional on the inside but protect my feelings by being extremely quiet, i have known her for 5 years and have hardly spoken to her so i don't know much about her, my freinds and IMing her saying i want to snog her face off (im a sophisticated middle aged 14 year old, not interested in (lets say how to put this) sluts) and she is constantly got girls around her and i can only really speak to someone who i like in person, but i don't want to look like a creep when i try and single her out.

please help! 0_0 (plus if it helps she's tall, about 2 inchs taller than me, and is six months older, i think im out of my depth ) i've put a image of me here in case it helps!

i have also done that (Facebook) and for some reason she laughs at everything, all i said was sorry this is out of the blue but in a introvert etc. and she still laughed. but because i am a introvert i can stop over analyzing everything, like what if its not her or, or I don't know AND whats more worrying is that she doesn't initiate a conversation. what shall i do next?


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  • just go for it... I know it can seem daunting at first, but in reality, whats the worst that can happen? sure, she can turn you down, but at the end of the day, at least you will know she's not interested.

    If your worries about getting turned down, my advice is to find out what sort of things she likes, and just get talking to her about that. at least you have taken the first step in at least making a friendship with her, then just let things progress naturally.


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  • Does she have a facebook? If yes, initiate talking to her from there.


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