What do I do? My boyfriend has a best friend that's a girl and she is always trying to butt into our problems?

My boyfriend and I were fighting a little bit last night, and than his friend that's a girl randomly messaged me and was like " Don't be mad at Noah, he didn't do anything wrong!" I wasn't even mad, I'm like I"m not even mad jfc. I don't know what to do we've been dating for about a month but we had a thing before we were offically dating, and now that girl she just keeps butting into our relationship problems, and like she's making it sound like she's into our relationship, I don't like her at all and her best friend was hitting on my boyfriend and she was telling me that I need to accept her friend she because her friend is around for the long run with her, and I don't even care. I don't even want to be this girl's friend I just want my boyfriend. I don't want her to continue to butt into our relationship and I told my boyfriend that and he said that she won't but I feel like she still will and she is moving back to the same town as my boyfriend I live in a different town, and they'll probably hang out all the time and i don't want that?


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