Just friend or maybe something more?

Soo guys here we go. I'm hanging out with this awesome guy for a month now. We've gone out 4 times, 4th one last night. It's going really great, we talk for hours, ride our bikes, go to dinners but he never kissed me. He always hugs me, we touch, kiss on the cheek... but no real kiss. So last night I was at his place, he was making us dinner. Laughed, ate, watched GoT and just talked laying next to each other and spent 3 hours doing that and I was suuure that he would make a move. But no, as I was leaving he put his hand on my cheek and kissed me on the other one.
So do I make a move next time or just see him as a friend from now on.


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  • Just friends

  • Make the move girl! Seems like he's just nervous of how you'd react but since he really seems to enjoy your company I'd say he likes you. Go for it. You'd regret not making the move yourself and never knowing how he felt about you. Good luck :)

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