Had enough playing this kind of game. What should I do?

Just a little story. There is a girl, there is me. I talked to her 2 times. I never really felt about her anything until I saw her staring at me about 5 months ago. Yes I was like it's OK , but I never saw her looking at me in that way. I said next time if she comes , I will find out if that was just a simple eye-contact or not. Definitely , it wasn't. She came and she stopped and we had make that for 10 secs. I felt it and I knew that it isn't that easy that I thought. We making it still after a long time , she didn't bored and I can't stop thinking about her and she drives me crazy that she playing this game with me, because she didn't make anything beside staring. I know she will never make anything because she's looking too shy and this is how she sends me signs. I had enough of this game. I didn't make a move yet , because I have got lot of stuff , and I'm afraid a bit (what if I misunderstand the whole thing, and overthinking if she..) but the summer is coming the time is moving and I know that the now or never situation is coming and I want to know her before the school ends. I can't meet her up in the school because we don't have classes and we just see each other once or twice a week. The only way is to start a conversation with her on FB. I've got no ideas , how to start it. I can't just say hey how it's going because I don't want to be a jerk when we both know the situation. Or maybe should I try this then? Or just being honest with her and saying that I had enough? Or something other? Any idea or just a comment about this whole topic/thing would be appreciated. Thanks in advance..:)


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  • Tell her hi and introduce yourself on facebook. It is really that easy. Seek common interests with her and initiate a conversation about them.

    • Thanks for your comment , I'll probably do this and I wanted to but wasn't sure if this is the best way, when we both know what the situation is. But I think You're right.

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  • i have the same situation going on in my life, i don't have a solution for it now but for you, you better talk to her in person and then text her.. you may be shy or afraid but, remember you have nothing to lose.

    • Yes , but as I said there is no way to catch her anywhere... Hopefully I will find some way. I hope You will have luck too!

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