What do girls think about old fashioned guys?

I consider myself pretty old fashioned. I treat people the way they treat me, but Im naturally pretty friendly and easy to approach. I dont mind playing the bigger man, and the girls seem to like how reserved I am. There were times when I had lunch with a girl and I'd clear the table before leaving.. They looked at me as if "wow thanks!". I respect myself so I guess people respect me too? I've got friends from the states who miss me a lot (its been 5 years since I left now) and they constantly tell me how much i'm missed. This is coming from both guys and girl friends i had in Highschool. Just trying to get an idea of girls views on old fashioned guys during these times. Is old fashioned out of date?


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  • simple they dont

  • I like old fashioned things , but I may be a little biased. I'm interested to see this take.

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