Is Chinese and American women are the worst to date?

i just remember this song American women stay away from me. It start make a lot sense. They don't know what they want and standard very high but nothing offer to the guy. Anyone agree?


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  • "American woman, get away from me
    American woman, mama, let me be
    Don't come a-knockin' around my door
    Don't wanna see your shadow no more
    Coloured lights can hypnotize
    Sparkle someone else's eyes
    Now woman, I said get away"
    Yes. We're terrible.


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  • I agree. They're unrealistic. Chinese FOB girls are pretty high maintenance so I'm not sure that's a better alternative; the good thing about FOB's is that they're more traditional and as long as you take care of them they'll take care of you, whereas the Americans will just take.

    I consider ABC Chinese girls to probably be the worst lol. They have the high maintenance tendencies of FOB girls as well as the take-only attitude of the American girls. It's our generation man, we're fucked.

  • america girls are developing the wort reputation and yes you can generalise the stats are the stats pua forums warn everyone off U. S girls.

    , the good ones are snapped up in there 20's... ok cupid poll found that us girls found 80% of guys unattractive they have possibly the most unrealistic standards. its the same alpha males poking and leaving girls. the laws for men there make the legal consequences of marriage shocking with women initiating divorce over 70% of the time with over 50% of marriages ending in divorce. she then owns you after divorce entitled to up to 70% of your earning if you have kids, own your house have your pension. there are 1,000's of men in jail because they can't afford alimony.
    have been in the state's loads and women do not take care of themselves, are on there's phones incessantly , and watch way to much t. v, and are generally anti-intellectual in conversation.
    there are loads of exceptions but the good ones are lapped up.
    in my country Ireland its 1 in 10 divorce so marriage is a good option here.

    have dated 2 americans but they were girls who travelled and were open minded fun and they were genuine and not typical of girls i met in us , admit had my ego crushed trying to chat to American girls in us, ...
    i have read that chinese are very high maintenance no experience , usually avoid...

    did i mention women now cheat as much as men in u. s., if you are an average guy 30 ish who isn't aggressive and you want long term relationships. states seems like a bad option , sorry.
    oh ya my brothers married to a good one...
    sorry would add links but can't here.

  • How does that make them the worst to date?

    • I don't know i just meet this Russian girl, and is she everything a man want

    • Well... the gender ratio in Russia sure helps that...

  • WTF?

    You heard a song trashing American women, and somehow you dragged Chinese into it? How racist are you?

    • not racist, want ask you this what does all these women have in common, they don't care and don't know what a good guy is even they see one. Let you say take girl to dinner, in American culture you take a girl out and what end happen it all she have in mind is either use you or have fun and test do fit her but in other cultural if will be see if you can marry that women. big difference

  • Nope they are cool bruh

  • I don't understand your reasoning.

  • I dated an American girl about 4 years ago.
    she was a pure delight to be around.

  • I worked with an amazing American girl back in the day, she was hot and had an awesome personality. But she had a boyfriend and he was a stock broker. The thing is, people get what's best for them if they can, you can't blame them if you don't match their standards because there are people out there who don't match yours.

    • that my point, some are too confident and that no where near match them, and there are so shy and sissy that it feel like it getting no where them.