A guy tells two other guys he thinks your pretty/beautiful/cute?

I've heard that it takes a lot for a guy to admit he thinks anything of a girl to his guy friends... is that true?

He told one of his friends I'm pretty and beautiful.

He he told his best friend I'm cute.

what do you think about the differing stories?


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  • I don't think it matters. The point is, he thinks you're attractive


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  • Why wouldn't a guy tell another guy these things. That's all guys do is talk about girls! And what "differing stories" are you referring to?

    • Him telling guy one I'm pretty/beautiful then telling guy 2 I'm just cute?

    • They are just synonyms to describe your attractiveness. Likely he finds you beautiful and cute. That would not be out of the ordinary.

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  • It seems that he is trying to find ways to bring you up in conversation if he is telling more than one friend this... I'd say he's pretty interested.

    • The first friend asked him, even though I didn't ask him to.

      He told the second friend because he was talking to him about the first friends convo about me with him.

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